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"Acting WHITE..."

Hey family! So I'm up working on my case study for my next project and I'm thinking.....🤔

One term that I wish the black community would erase is "acting white!" This is typically used to demean or insult a person of color for multiple reasons, some including: speaking properly, dressing well, being goal driven, being well educated, living in the suburbs, etc.

I've been on this earth for a few decades and I still don't understand this.

This phrase denounces education and excellence within the black community and we accept it. It devalues our efforts to maintain great work ethics, healthy relationships, presentable appearances, good diction and communication skills and we accept it. It is pure ignorance and it keeps us divided. Yet, we accept it. It is a painful reminder that some of us have accepted the bar being set low for our community, in this country.

You can not "act" a color but you ARE the character you cultivate. 💯

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